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Turners Auctions

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About – Turners Auctions

At Turners Auctions, we are experts in facilitating the sale and purchase of vehicles.

We make the whole process easy, simple and satisfactory for buyers and sellers. We are the largest auction house in New Zealand with 18 branches nationwide. Our annual turnover is over NZ $400 million. 

We have a wide range of car loans 

We hold approximately 50 auctions on a weekly basis. You can participate on-site or from any point in the country with the Turners Life service. Our business is focused on all types of vehicles including cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, mobile equipment and damaged vehicles. Currently, we are the major single seller of moving vehicles in the country. To make the experience of our clients complete, we offer a wide range of extra products and services including car finance. With Turners Finance, you can get pre-approved.

Services – Turners Auctions

As part of Turners Auctions, Turners Finance is dedicated to serving car buyers in the best way possible.

We offer car loans at competitive rates and with repayment structure which fits your budget. We can provide finance to you even if you cannot afford to place a deposit. You can select from a variety of plans each of which can be customised.

We offer a highly effective debt consolidation loan

With our loans, you can finance the purchase of a car, truck, caravan or motorbike. We can provide financing for boats and jet skis as well. The selection of credit products that we offer is not limited to vehicle finance. We provide personal loans of various sizes to help you pay for holidays, home renovations and special occasions. 

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Summary of Services

  • CAR Finance
  • PERSONAL Finance 
  • BOAT Loan
  • DEBT Consolidation Loan

Turners Auctions car loans in Auckland can make owning your dream car a reality!

Turners offer incredible rates and a speedy and simple application process with simple to use platforms.

Our car loans allow you the advantage of getting first-rate premiums at low instalments, depending on the terms you choose. It’s all about you, and should you want to purchase a new or used vehicle or motorbike, we will help you get the finances you need.

Applying online is simple & secure

We offer an Instalment Waiver which covers your advance reimbursements in the event that you are jobless for a while or injured and cannot work to earn a wage.

Contact your closest Turners branch to get all the latest news and value-added services we offer our clients over and above our car loan facilities. Auto Insurance with a difference - Together with State Insurance, Turners offers free auto protection for the initial four days after your purchase. We additionally offer a scope of continuous protection should you encounter of theft or damage to your vehicle. Mechanical Breakdown Insurance -Turners Mechanical Breakdown Insurance takes care of the expense of repairing your car due to mechanical or electrical inconvenience.

Now you can afford the bigger car for the bigger family

Apply for a loan through our easy to use online platform today, get fast approval in hours, and get searching for the car you have always wanted. Now you can drive in the stylish classic you have been eyeing out. There is no limit to the world of car purchasing when it comes to Turners. We have the right loan for you. Should you wish to discuss payment options with us, give our team a call, or come to our branch, we always have someone available to assist our clients at all times.

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Penrose Road and Leonard Rd, Penrose, Auckland Region, 1061, New Zealand
Ph: +64 9-525 1920 / 021 722 818
Fx: (09) 438 3533
Em: enquiry@turners.co.nz
Em: support@turners.co.nz

 Postal Address

PO Box 112-022, Penrose, Auckland, 1642, New Zealand

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  • Monday 07:30 – 18:00
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