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About – Loans is a leading source for the comparison of the credit and deposit products offered by banks and other lending institutions in New Zealand.

When it comes to interest rate comparison, has been the top choice since 1999. We are market leaders that provide consumers with comprehensive and accurate information that they can trust.

Achieve your Goals

We update our data several times a day to ensure that New Zealanders get the most up-to-date information and therefore stand the best chances of achieving their financial goals.

This free online service is provided by JDJL Limited of Auckland and has gone through multiple upgrades and changes to make it the success it is today.

Experts you can Rely on

We use extensive databases, thorough research, expert market intelligence and professional analysis to deliver an invaluable service to all New Zealanders. Our expert team is headed by David Chaston.

We are completely independent and have no affiliations with for banking and finance lenders or advisors in the market.

Services – Loans

It pays off to choose a repayment structure which matches your income inflow and spending during the month and that's what will do for you. 

With, you can compare the interest rates on personal loans easily, quickly and effectively to make the best lending decision.

Guiding you to Success

There are several major factors which you need to take into account when you borrow. To meet your needs such as purchasing a home appliance or going on holiday you can make use of our data to guide you.

Most personal loans are unsecured, but there are also secured ones which come with lower interest rates and higher risk since an asset is placed as security.

The Right Term

The repayment term determines the total cost of the loan. A longer term results in smaller and more affordable payments. A shorter term reduces the total interest payment.

You need to check whether and how you can make additional payments and repay the loan early.

Summary of Services

  • Car Loans
  • Business Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Quick Personal Loans

Taking Advantage of's Comparison Services

What sets us apart from the rest is our low rates, adaptability and straightforward terms that will always provide you with exactly what you need.

An personal loan will help you get wherever you might want. Whether you wish to make arrangements for your fantasy vacation, put down a deposit on a car, or just cover those pending expenses that have been looming around your life - we will help you find the ideal loan.

Borrow $5,000 to $35,000

  • Make extra repayments or pay the short-term loan ahead of schedule with no penalties
  • No month-to-month charges
  • No security required
  • Simple variable rate personal cash loans offering a full scope of flexible alternatives.
  • Our variable rate personal loans place you in control
  • Borrow the cash you need to use as your please
  • Choose an advance term from one to five years making the reimbursement terms reasonable
  • You can make extra repayments at the end of your loan term
  • Free to pay your advance out right on time with no extra charges
  • No security required – we believe in our customers
  • Low application charges making anybody qualified to manage the cost of this prime offer

Do you Qualify to Apply?

Presently everybody older than 18 years old, living permanently in New Zealand and earning a month to month or weekly income can take out a personal cash loans.

We have taken out the complication of qualifying for a loan, and just made it easy! No difficult and lengthy processes, only a speedy online loan application and the money is yours.

You can enquire around an extensive variety of diverse choices accessible to suit your financial plan, we will be glad to run over the figures with you, and see what might be interested in.

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