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About – Cash4u

We've been in the business for a decade and a half - at Cash4u we help people take care of their immediate emergency expenses by providing them with access to affordable cash loans.

We offer short term loans of up to $1,000 but cannot offer more than $500 to new customers; this is our way of protecting you, the customer, from taking on large sums of debt that you may struggle to repay. We also aim to help people that do not have perfect credit scores.

We're devoted to our customers

Our team is well-trained, efficient and approachable and will do their best to help answer any queries you may have or assist you to complete your online loan application.

We're an honest company that takes pride in conducting our business in the most ethical and compassionate way we know how. We're a responsible lender and are committed to conducting our business in line with government and industry regulations. 

Services – Cash4u

We offer payday loans in the region of $100 to $1,000 to people who can afford them by evidence of their monthly or weekly income.

We will not lend anyone more than 40% of their income per given period just as we do not lend more than $500 to first-time customers. We offer short term loans to people with bad credit, are self-employed or are on benefits.

We're a transparent lender

We will never charge any hidden fees and are transparent about what we charge on our instant cash loans. We don’t charge early repayment penalties either - so you're free to pay us back whenever you wish to do so without having to worry about being unfairly penalized. We will set up an automatic debit on your account so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to make the payment on due date. 

Summary of Services

  • SHORT-TERM Loans
  • PERSONAL Loans

Get a short-term loan within just minutes, simply apply online

Applying for a loan with Cash4u is simple - all you need to do is make your way to our website and fill in a contact form with your basic details.

Once you've done this we will get into contact with you to proceed. We always warn our customers that our payday loans are not a long term solution and that they need to carefully consider other options before taking out a loan. If you'd like to loan larger sums of money or borrow for longer periods of time than we suggest you look for a long term lending solution.

Requirements for applying at Cash4u

Applying for a loan shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes since the applications can be made online and the funds will be transferred to your account usually on the very same day. To apply for a loan with Cash4u you must meet some minimum requirements which include; being over the age of 18, be a NZ resident, have your own bank account, email and telephone number, having a stable income which is credited to your bank account weekly or monthly (proof can be provided in the form of payslips or bank statements) and, you must also be able to provide a photo ID and proof of address.

What happens once you've completed our loan application form

If you meet all of our minimum criteria then you can apply for a loan through Cash4u, if you're self-employed or are on benefits than you can provide bank statements instead of pay slips to prove that you can afford to repay your loan. Once we receive your contact details and loan request we will contact you to request the information and details necessary to advance your short-term loan. We will help you along the way and make sure that you know what's going on from the beginning right through to the payout.

Signing your loan agreement with Cash4u

We will not necessarily run a credit check since we use your employment details and income to decide if we can borrow you money and do offer bad credit loans but, if you are bankrupt or have very significant amount of debt elsewhere (particularly other payday loans) we will not be able to provide you with a loan). Once we've received all of your documents and information and verified their accuracy we will then offer you a loan amount up to $1,000. If you accept our offer we will then require you to sign a loan agreement, which will detail all the charges and fees as well as the penalties for non-payment and late payment. 

 Contact Details

2/45 Courtenay Pl, Te Aro, Wellington Region, 6011, New Zealand
Ph: 022 177 0330