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About – No Credit Check

No Credit Check offers New Zealanders credit-check free payday loans that are easy to apply for, flexible and transparent.

We've helped thousands of people access small short term loans to help them take care of financial emergencies and get on with life even when times are tough. We can typically lend up to $500 to people with good or bad credit - no paperwork, quick decision and instant deposit!

No credit check loans 

Many lenders in NZ will base their lending decisions solely on a person's credit score - at No Credit Check we know that although credit history can give lenders a good idea of the risk of lending to a particular person, it isn't necessarily an accurate indication of whether someone can afford a loan and will repay it.

We give everyone an equal chance to access the quick credit they need and achieve their goals. 

Services – No Credit Check

Our service is primarily targeted to people who need unsecured, short term credit but have a bad credit history.

We typically offer payday loans of up to $500 which customer can repay in either one or two repayments. Applications are done completely online and, the short-term cash loan could be sent to your account, in as quickly as in 2 hours. Depending on your bank, you may be able to access your money in just 60 minutes.

Bad credit loans

Just about anyone can qualify for a quick cash loan from No Credit Check as long as they are 18 years or older, a New Zealand resident or citizen, earn $400 or more per week, be employed full time or earn a stable income as a self-employed individual, have a bank account and an email address.

If you meet these requirements, we will then direct you to our lending platform called Save My Bacon, where you can complete an easy loan application form.

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Summary of Services

  • SHORT-TERM Loans
  • PERSONAL Loans

At No Credit Credit we have made it even easier to get a loan

Before applying for a loan we suggest you use the loan calculator we have made available on Save My Bacon to gauge the costs of a loan and determine how much you can afford to borrow.

Our recommendations to customers 

We recommend that customers don’t lend more than they really need - if you need to pay an overdue bill to lend what you need to pay it and move on. Short term loans can be expensive since the interest is typically higher than with longer-term loans. If you can afford to repay the loan on your very next payday than that’s what you should do but, if you won't be able to make one single repayment, you must be honest and request a longer loan term to avoid missing payment and incurring late payment charges.

Access credit 100% over the internet

Applying for credit has changed over the years and, borrowers are no longer willing to make the trip to the bank or credit union to fill out paperwork - and they shouldn’t have to. At Save My Bacon we have streamlined our online application process and made it easy for our customers to access credit 100% over the internet.

Since the entire process is done online and you need only fill in a minimal amount of information and provide basic supporting documentation such as a photo identity, pay slips, bank statements and proof of address you will save time and get credit without undue stress. We welcome all Kiwis, whether they have good or bad credit, are employed full time or are self employed - to apply for a payday loan using our quick and easy application form!

As easy as one, two and three!

No Credit Check has made applying for a short-term loan as easy as one, two and three! We will take you through the loan application to make it easy for you and our customer service agents are available to assist you whenever you need any questions answered. After you're done completing you details we will let you know how much you can lend - this will be an amount of up to $500 and will calculated based on you net income.

You can then select the maximum amount that we offer or, a lower amount and we will then quickly draw up a loan agreement for your approval. This loan agreement will detail all the important information about your quick cash loan and, will also tell you when you will be expected to repay it, what the charges will be for taking an extension or missing your payment and, so forth. 

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