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About – Easy Loans

With Easy Loans, obtaining finance to meet your personal or business needs is easy, simple and quick.

We have been operating in New Zealand since the mid-1990s as a division of Asset Finance Limited. Our parent company specialises in finance and investment and has operations nationwide. We do not offer brokerage services and we do not charge the respective fees for such services.

We have a range of financial solutions

Our range of finance solutions includes instant loans, debt consolidation loans, home loans and home equity loans and business finance. Depending on your financial needs and goals, you can borrow between $400 and $100,000. Our secured loans are available with a variety of securities. We accept motor vehicles of various types, buildings and land. Our online loan application process is fast and convenient. The application processing time is typically less than 2 hours.

Services – Easy Loans

At Easy Loans, we have a responsible lending policy.

That is why we look into all factors which are relevant for obtaining a loan for blacklisted from us including your credit history. It can be a highly valuable asset if it shows that you are a reliable payee. However, many people have far from perfect credit record.

Bad Credit? We have a solution

We can understand if you have gone through bad periods in your life and they have left you with poor credit rating. That is why when we determine your creditworthiness we will focus our attention on how you dealt with bad credit, how long ago the problem occurred and how big the problem was.

Depending on what our analysis shows, we may ask you to come with a guarantor who can provide additional security for your personal loan. Still, often a guarantor is not needed.

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Summary of Services

  • BAD Credit Loans 
  • PERSONAL Loans
  • DEBT Consolidation
  • BUSINESS Finance

Easy Loans is the best option in to get personal loans for bad credit clients

Imagine a scenario in which you have a bad credit history. What if you need to take out a loan form something urgent? Don’t let this be a bother to you anymore; Easy Loans in Whakatane can help you with personal loans for bad credit.

Credit history is only one of the numerous variables we evaluate while assessing an advance application. We comprehend that the vast majority of consumers experience a bad fix at some stage in their life, and for some, this can influence their credit rating. So when taking a gander at unfavourable credit history, we give careful consideration to how you have managed it, to what extent it happened and to what degree it was an issue.

Why choose Easy Loans?

Speed! We can endorse your advance in around 2 hours and pay the cash into your account overnight.

Adaptability! Instalments begin from $30 every week

It's Easy! We do a great part of the work and can to spare you the time and bother. To get one of these personal loans for bad credit, you may require some form of security, for example, vehicle, house or land to secure the advance with. In the event that you don't have security yourself, you may have the capacity to ask a companion or relative to give security to your advance and be your underwriter.

We are quick – blacklisted loans are frequently endorsed in two or three hours and paid into your bank account of choice within the same or very next day – depending what time of day you sent in your application. Adaptable Payments – individual advance instalments begin from as meagre as $30 every week! Simply let us know what you can easily stand to pay when you finish your loan application.

We make it simple

We do as much of the work ourselves to make it simple to get your own credit. You finish the online loan application from the solace of your own home (in around 10 minutes!) and we'll process it and get in touch with you in around 1 and 3 business hours.

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