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As part of a network of financial websites, LoansFinder NZ has been providing professional services since 2013. We focus on assisting consumers and entrepreneurs with navigating through the complex world of credit by providing comprehensive and detailed information on carefully picked personal micro finance providers in the New Zealand market.

This website is aimed at assisting everyone looking for a financial solution irrespective of their credit history. Even if you have bad credit history or bankruptcy, there are appropriate loan solutions which can match your needs in most cases.

We offer advice on choosing the right loan provider in line with your needs. We provide complete financial guides on managing your finances. We will help you with budgeting, debt management and debt reduction. With us, you will achieve your financial goals more easily and quickly.

Business finance – We cover all major aspects of business financing. We focus on the different types of credit products and special programs available to entrepreneurs.

Personal finance – Under this topic, we provide complete information on all types of loans from quick cash loans to home loans and on credit providers that you should consider when making financial decisions.

In our bad credit section, we introduce credit providers that specialise in offering financial products to people with poor credit history or bankruptcy.

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No matter whether you need a personal loan for renovating or finance to purchase a house, the New Zealand loan companies will use similar methods to determine your eligibility as a credit applicant. The credit providers typically use a complex formula which may vary from one institution to another.

In addition to assessing your eligibility, the companies determine how much cash to extend to you and under what terms and conditions.

In this complex situation, you will benefit from using the New Zealand loan comparison websites to decide on the best option for you. You should note that the details provided by these websites have purely informative purpose. Each loan is provided on a strictly individual basis and may have different terms.

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Our goal is to provide the most useful, comprehensive and up-to-date information on obtaining loans for people with bad credit and bankruptcy in NZ. We cover all types of loans including personal loans, home loans and business loans. If you have issues with your creditworthiness, we are here to help.

Our experts will guide you through the whole process to ensure that you will get the loan which you need.