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When it comes to obtaining a loan in New Zealand, doing your research and comparing your options will help you save thousands in fees and interest.

Don’t just settle for any loan that you qualify for, take the time to ensure you know exactly what you want, what terms will suit you best and then let us help you find a lender that meets those needs precisely.

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If you're looking to find the perfect personal loan, credit card or home loan quickly and easily, you've come to the right place!

Are you eligible for some of the most competitive financial products available on the market? If you have a good credit history, this will not only boost your chances of getting approved for such products but, you will also be eligible for the competitive conditions many providers advertise.

Need a bad credit loan?

If you have a bad credit history, obtaining a loan may prove to be somewhat of a challenge. Not only will your product options be limited but, you may not be offered the favourable conditions that someone with a good credit history will. Our comprehensive service, which includes complete information on bad credit loans, can help you deal with these challenges, find the most suitable credit product and help you avoid the dangerous traps set by loans sharks.

Free up money with a debt consolidation loan

If you've found yourself struggling to keep up with numerous debts you may want to consider a debt consolidation loan, which is specifically designed to help remedy overwhelming debts. Effectively you will be combining many smaller, high-interest debts into one larger, more manageable loan with a lower interest. This can help you free up some money for everyday expenses or even help you set some money aside in a savings account.

Do you qualify for a loan?

There are many factors that lenders look at when deciding whether they'd be willing to lend you money. These factors may vary depending on the provider you're looking at but, there are some general guidelines that are used across the board. This includes your combined household income, assuming that you are not the sole breadwinner, and whether you have assets which can be put up as collateral to minimize the risk to lenders.

Your overall monthly income will be considered against your expenses and your employment history will also be considered.

Compare loans online & save big

There are many loan comparison websites which can assist you with choosing between various credit products but, as loan terms change quickly, the information which is provided isn't always up to date. This has the potential to worsen your financial situation since you may be applying for a loan you deem to be affordable but the rate has since changed and is now expensive. To counteract this we've put together a comprehensive loan information service, which is always up to date and accurate, to help you navigate your way through New Zealand's complex financial services market.

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