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About Kiwi Debt

Kiwi Debt was established by a family in Auckland in January 2008 who saw the effects of the global financial crisis, and the impact it would have on New Zealand families.

To date, we've helped many people get their financial life back on track, by working with them and their creditors to reduce their payments and alleviate their financial stress.

Privately owned

As a privately owned company, so we aren't controlled by market forces and the financial markets. We're committed to making New Zealand and it's economy successful.

We take extensive steps to help you

We work solely for our valued clients when we offer our debt counselling services. We set up financial payment plans that are tailored to suit you. In a large number of cases, through our relationships with financial providers.

Kiwi Debt Services

Often times we simply need a little bit of help to get us moving in the right direction – that is where debt consolidation comes in.

If you find yourself with no clue how to manage all your debt, our friendly and experienced staff will assist you with affordable debt counselling.

Debt management plan

A debt management plan is an informal process of negotiating with your creditors for:

  • the freezing or reduction of interest;
  • extension of repayment terms;
  • or the writing off of part of your debt.

Although creditors are not required by law to adhere to any of the above, many creditors see the positive work we at KiwiDebt are doing to assist families in financial difficulty, and are taking positive steps to assist us to help. We also offer formal creditors proposals, debt arrangements, and debt consolidation.

Kiwi Debt Debt counsellor

  • Loan Type Debt counselling

Benefits of Kiwi Debt

  • Effective debt management
  • Lower interest rates
  • Extended repayment terms

Debt counselling is an effective method to regain control over your finances

Kiwi Debt came to the rescue of many New Zealanders after the devastating financial crisis of 2008.

Luckily, with the help of Kiwi Debt and other quality debt counselling providers, many people were able to recover from the financial crises.

We give valuable advice

At Kiwi Debt, they do not offer debt consolidation loans. However, we can discuss many options available to you including debt management, debt consolidation and bankruptcy.

We're available between 10h00 and 18h00, Monday to Thursday, and 10h00 and 16h30 on Friday. If you wish to make an appointment outside these hours please call or email for an appointment, we will do our best to arrange a time that suits you.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

I approached Kiwi Debt to get some advice on how to manage my debt better. Very helpful.

Chrissie M.
— Auckland —

Affordable debt counselling service, great staff.

Denver M.
— Auckland —

Excellent customer service, their consultants are world-class.

Lorrina W.
— Auckland —

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  • PO Box 906, Whangaparaoa, 0943, New Zealand

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  • Monday 10:00 – 18:00
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