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About Simply Budget

Simply Budget Limited is a family-owned and proudly New Zealand company.

Since 2009, the owner has been involved with the local budget service and has become a trained budget adviser.

Making your financial life easier to manage

The company's beliefs include making sure that their customers' debt situation is completely taken care of, leaving them in a position to recover financially. Debt review can help clients reach their goal of becoming financially independent again.

Reliable financial services provider

The owner of Simply Budget has experience with complex cases and insolvency procedures, which allows the company to have valuable insight into how to handle any debt situation. Simply budget is a registered credit provider with consultants who receive professional training in debt counselling and debt review.

Simply Budget Services

Clients can apply for debt review and receive quality financial advice after approval from the comfort of their homes.

No matter the situation, Simply Budget will go out of its way to ensure that each client gets the help they need.

Taking control of your spending's

Simply Budget makes sure that clients get to the point where they control their finances again. Clients can achieve this by taking control of their spending, budgeting, cutting unnecessary expenses, and following some of the other helpful advice offered by the company's debt counsellors.

Apply for a debt review 

At Simply Budget, clients can apply for a debt repayment order which is better known as debt review. It is a formal process that involves a formalized agreement between the company and the client’s creditors. The agreement allows clients to repay some of all their debt over a 3 to 5 year period.

Simply Budget – Debt counsellor

  • Loan Type Debt counselling

Benefits of Simply Budget

  • Personalised budget advice
  • Reduced payment terms
  • Low interest rate

Turn to Simply Budget for expert debt counselling services

Ran by the talented Christine Liggins, Simply Budget has managed to become a recognized financial brand name in New Zealand.

The company has quite a few years of experience that enables them to effectively help their clients reach financial freedom.

Manage your debt and budget 

They offer a range of tips and strategies that will help you get into a better financial position. These strategies have been formed by financial experts who are masters in the fields of economics and money management.

The first tip offered is to set goals that abide by the SMART guidelines. Thus, your goals must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time set.

Some of the other debt counselling strategies state that you should: itemise your spending, manage your budget, plan for the future and live within your means. These are only a few of the free tips offered by Simply Budget – for more extensive debt counselling advice that is formulated around your unique financial situation, visit their website and get in touch with a professional New Zealand debt counsellor today. 

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

When I was drowning in debt a friend suggested I seek out Simply Budget's services and they really helped me out when I needed it most.

Brandy T.
— Auckland —

They helped me manage my debt in a way that didn't leave me broke at the end of the month. I recommend them.

Jamie G.
— Wellington —

Simply Budget has been great in helping me set up a budget I can abide by. Thanks, SB!

Eliot T.
— Christchurch —

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  • PO Box 31945, Milford, 0741, New Zealand

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