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Just like our parent company, SBS Bank, we at Finance Now put people first.

We offer simple, quick and convenient financial products to individuals and businesses. You can select from a variety of unsecured and secured loans. Since our establishment in 2000, we have served over 320,000 customers and their number of constantly growing.

We provide personalised solutions to our clients

We use our expertise and experience to provide highly personalised vehicle finance solutions to our clients. We will take into account your individual circumstances as well as the numbers. Our Credit Sales facility is available in more than 1400 retail stores nationwide. We are a Qualifying Financial Entity participating in the Banking Ombudsman Scheme. We adhere to the highest industry standards to deliver products and services of the highest quality to our customers.

Services – FINANCE NOW

If you are buying your first car or if you are looking for something bigger and better than your current vehicle, we will gladly help.

At Finance Now, we offer car loans especially designed to suit the needs of customers. We make things easy for you so that you can get exactly what you need while keeping costs down.

The fastest application turnaround time in the industry

We offer competitive interest rates and fees and flexible repayment structure. You can use our loan calculator to determine affordability. We have one of the fastest application turnarounds in the industry. You simply need to fill out the online loan application form and submit it. This is simple and quick. We will get toback you as soon as you have completed the process to inform you of the outcome. It is that easy.

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Finance Now is your car loan one stop shop in New Zealand.

Has your car or means of transport gone through more promising times? Does your developing family need something bigger and more adaptable to your needs?

Then again perhaps you require a hand to get your first car? Well, you've to go to the opportune spot. At Finance Now we can get you into the vehicle you require now!

Car loan financing is truly simple with Finance Now. Since you can apply for a loan on the web, it's direct and snappy. What's more, when you've completed your application, we'll fill you in as to whether your car loan is affirmed. Straightforward! Fast! Reliable! We also offer advice on purchasing your new car in regards to insurance.

Contacting our friendly and experienced group

During and after your loan application, should you have any inquiries regarding your application or on your current car loan, then call our friendly and experienced group or send us a message via email, and we will gladly handle your request timeously.

The adaptable criteria we use to approach your application are by far simpler and easier to approve than other major banks. You may have been turned down on numerous occasions by larger banking institutions. The buck stops here. We will finance your next vehicle with no issues at all.

The choices we make depend on the accompanying key criteria:

  • Limit - The capacity to reimburse the loan you require
  • Wage - A reliable, steady and regular wage to be transferred into your bank account
  • Security - Providing security can offer you some assistance with borrowing a bigger sum and can minimise the loan fee we offer
  • Financial recordGood credit history is required for sound approval of your loan
  • No Finance Defaults - No late instalments or advance defaults to other financial related organizations

We will run through the above traits before affirming any application for credit. We do this by checking up on your credit rating and the relevant terms before approving your car loan.

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PO Box 1204, Invercargill, 9840, New Zealand

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