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About – First Credit Union

Ever since its establishment in 1938, United Credit Union (UCU) has been operating as a financial co-operative.

We pool money from members and provide credit products at interest rates lower than those in the market to other members. UCU is registered under the Friendly Societies and Credit Unions Act 1982 and operate under Trust Deed. All our members have an equal shareholding of the union with each member holding one share. We accept members that are charitable trusts or incorporated societies.

Our loans carry added benefits

  • We make it simple for you to adjust your advance to your budgetary needs without causing any penalties or extra expenses.
  • An impeccable financing choice for each stage in your life

If you are considering choices you may be confronting throughout the following 5 to 10 years: from dealing with your everyday income to paying for your fantasy car. How you structure your advance can offer you some assistance with managing your money related difficulties and keep the debt at bay by choosing the right car finance to suit your budget. We can help you settle on the best choices for you.

Services – First Credit Union

The car loans of United Credit Union (UCU) are among the most affordable in New Zealand.

They are available to members nationwide. We offer finance for vehicles for personal use and work vehicles. We finance new and used vehicles which are under 10 years of age.

We have the lowest interest rates and fees

We will not only help you to borrow affordably, but turn into a saver as well. We do not charge penalty fees for early loan repayment. The maximum personal loan amount which we offer is $25,000. We provide pre-approvals to make vehicle shopping easier. The typical time for quick loan approval is 2 working days. In order to apply, you simply need to download the application form from our website, fill it out and return it.

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Summary of Services

  • HOME Loans
  • CAR Loans
  • PERSONAL Loans

Here’s a short video about First Credit Union

Credit Union offers customers a range of car loan options in Wellington New Zealand.

Credit Union offers customers a range of car loan options in Wellington New Zealand. If you have found the car you have always wanted and dreamt about, we can help you with the car finance, to buy it.

Get pre-approved quickly

Apply for a pre-approved vehicle loan with us and get an idea of what amount you qualify for in advance. Shop around knowing precisely the amount you can spend.

  • We'll likewise let you know about your pre-qualifying amount within 24 hours!
  • You can browse through our range of loan and repayment options available to you
  • You will be able to work out your reimbursement payment amounts
  • Adaptable loan choices – customized for you. Our range of loans offers an assortment of financing cost structures, value access items and insurance items.
  • Our car loans are customized around you – we structure your advance to suit your needs. At the point when your needs transform, we change the credit for you.

Need more information?

Contact our experienced team of car finance experts today. We know through years in the industry, how to get you the best deal, and the lowest rates. You can apply for a loan at one of our branches, via telephone or contact our friendly staff for more alternate loan application methods.

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Ph: +64 7-834 4810 / (04) 477 7073
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PO Box 83009, Johnsonville, Wellington, 6440, New Zealand

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