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About – The Active Finance

It all started back in 2000 when two Kiwi guys launched Active Finance.

Ever since opening, our company has been dedicated to meeting the individual financial requirements of the people in New Zealand. We cater to the needs of clients on a personal level and make bad credit loans easy to understand and comfortable to use and to repay.

We eliminate the need for waiting and arranging a loan in an intimidating office environment.

Our job is to make obtaining short-term finance at competitive interest rates easy, simple, friendly and convenient and we do it well. We ensure that our customers have full understanding of the finance packages which they use and have a clear plan for managing the repayment. We have realised the idea of online and telephone applications followed by a personal visit from a consultant. 

Services – The Active Finance

The fact that you have bad credit does not mean that you will never be able to borrow money at a reasonable interest rate.

The job of Active Finance is to get you a bad credit loan which matches your needs and your ability to pay. We can arrange bad credit car finance for you. We can get you preapproved so that you can negotiate the best car deal with the seller. We strive to keep fees down to the minimum.

We will ensure that your car or personal loan application gets fair treatment.

We work with a large number of lenders and compare a variety of credit products to pick one with a superb interest rate. We can assist you with getting a repayment scheme which matches your income and spending perfectly. We can provide full assistance with managing your quick cash loan and with improving your credit record.

Summary of Services

  • Personal Loans
  • Bad Credit Loans
  • Car Loans & Finance
  • Home Loans & Finance
  • Boat Loans 
  • Marine Finance 
  • Payday Loans

The Active Finance group in Manukau City now makes it possible to get loans for blacklisted clients.

The Active Finance group in Manukau City now makes it possible to get loans for blacklisted clients. It can be disappointing attempting to get an advance when you have bad credit record, especially when you require it to pay against your vehicle or move up to a better vehicle or buy your first car. At Active Finance, we understand the dissatisfaction of attempting to get a bad credit vehicle advance, yet we arrive to offer assistance. We trust that a bad credit is not the apocalypse, and shouldn't stop you getting an advance for the things you need, for example, cars or other vehicles. We also offer a complete online loan application

get the most ideal rates for blacklisted loans

We likewise don't think you ought to be discriminated against thanks to unjustifiably high financing costs, and that is the reason we work to get the most ideal rates for blacklisted loans. Get a blacklisted loan pre-affirmed - Active Finance can help by favouring an advance to purchase a car, or giving you pre-endorsement so you have the flexibility to search around, regardless of your past record of loan repayments. In the event that you have officially discovered a vehicle to purchase, Active Finance can utilize its system of banks to discover you a vehicle loan at an incredible loan fee.

Get Pre-approved for a Vehicle Loan

We likewise keep expenses to a base minimum, so you can spend the cash you have accessible on obtaining a car instead of on the application process. On the off chance that you are considering obtaining a car, Active Finance can pre-affirm you for a bad credit loan or financing choice. Pre-endorsement implies you know precisely the amount you can spend, and you can be certain that should you locate the right vehicle; the cash will be accessible very quickly. It additionally gives you the ability to arrange as a money buyer, so you can get the most ideal cost on the car you require.

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Ph: +64 800 693 462
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PO Box 90339, Victoria Street West, Auckland, 1142, New Zealand

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