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About ANZ

As a company with an established presence in New Zealand and international reach, ANZ New Zealand impacts positives the lives of many people in the country.

Locally, it operates via a range of brands including ANZ, UDC Finance and OnePath. We are one of the largest companies in the country and we take this responsibility with all seriousness. We provide solutions which enable our customers from the individuals and families to the small businesses, corporations and institutions to achieve their financial goals.

Our company and career opportunities

We have a workforce of some 9,000 people who come from a variety of backgrounds and specialisations in finance and lending. We offer outstanding career opportunities. We have business practices which are sustainable so that we can achieve better results for our clients, employees, the environment and the community.

ANZ Services

As a leading provider of banking and finance products and services, ANZ offers a diverse range of credit cards.

Our Lower Interest Rate cards are designed to help you save on the interest which you pay on purchases on a monthly basis. You can select from MasterCard and CashBack card with a lower rate. We have four Cash Rewards cards. These include CashBack Visa, MasterCard and Platinum plus Airpoints Visa Platinum.

Cashback every time you spend

Our Travel Rewards cards offer air travel benefits to users. In this category, we have Airpoints Visa and Visa Platinum, Qantas ANZ Visa and Visa Platinum and ANZ Visa and MasterCard. We offer Lower Annual Fee cards as well. They are an excellent choice for people who want a credit card to use as an emergency backup as well as for frequent card users.

ANZ Credit card

  • Loan Type Credit cards

Benefits of ANZ

  • Choose between credit card options
  • No annual fees
  • Lower rates
  • Optional balance transfer

ANZ offers adaptable and affordable credit card options

ANZ in Hamilton New Zealand offers adaptable and affordable credit card options.

Our purpose is to give a straightforward approach to get to credit cards in NZ, with a basic swipe of a card when you need to buy something. Our simple approach means we adjust to our customers' individual needs guaranteeing you'll adapt to the monetary procurements we give you.

A financial solution for every stage in your life

  • we offer our clients a personalised and individual service – to suit you and your individual needs
  • You pick the easiest way for you to get your Credit card application – by telephone, online or email correspondence.
  • We constantly bring our clients brilliant administration guaranteeing that your accounts are given the most reasonable and basic availability through our Visa alternatives.

Get the best credit rates

All our customers are looking to get the best rates at any time when looking at credit facilities. Our assessment is clear and transparent – we'll give you the best rates and offer a repayment structure so that you are instantly aware of what charges will be forwarded to you from day one.

Credit limits on our cards

We offer a sensible credit to permit our customers the availability and moderateness to buy what they need when they require it. It's similar to having your very own credit in times of need. Contingent upon your money related situation and how you manage your finances. Your credit limit will rely on your salary amount, and what you are easily able to afford to pay back at the end of each month.

How do we screen your application

When you apply for a revolving line of credit we take your occupation status and history, your credit report, any record of loan repayment you have with our organization and your capacity deal with your Visa instalments responsibly.

Swipe and buy instantly

Your credit card can be swiped at any store that takes visa or Credit card. Your credit card can be used to buy online or via telephone for your convenience shopping.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

It's a good deal once you get over the annual fee, which isn’t all that bad. It basically pays for itself when the benefits start kicking in.

Patti K.
— Dunedin —

I'd like to call myself a foodie, and frequently dine at new restaurants around town. Unfortunately, I am also a part-time waitress, and although the tips are good, it's not always enough to pay ...

Bree E.
— Wellington —

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  • 215 Lambton Quay Wellington Wellington Region 6011 New Zealand
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  • Private Bag 92210 Victoria St, West Auckland, 1142, New Zealand

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  • Monday 09:00 – 16:30
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