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About interest.co.nz

As the leading source for interest rate comparison in the country, www.interest.co.nz helps New Zealanders to find the right deposit and credit products for them.

Our free online service is the only comprehensive source of interest rates. It is updated many times on a daily basis to ensure that the provided information is completely accurate. We enable consumers to make well-informed decisions about their finances.

The service is provided by JDJL Limited

The company is independent. It does not have affiliation with financial institutions and advisors. It has been providing the online interest comparison service since 1999 and has always had excellent reputation, particularly for it's home loan interest rate comparisons. The information provided on the website is generated by a team of analysts directed by David Chaston. The team uses large databases and market research and intelligence to deliver the best results.

interest.co.nz Services

Credit cards are among the most widely used financial products at present.

There are cards designed for individuals, small businesses and corporations. They are unsecured credit facilities. You can borrow up to a certain amount. You will have a fixed interest-free period during which you can pay back what you have spent without having to incur any additional cost. After this period expires, interest will be charged.

Compare the interest rates on credit cards

To ensure that you will get the best deal, you can compare the interest rates on credit cards, home loans and personal loans in New Zealand on our website, www.interest.co.nz. The service is entirely online and completely free of charge. In addition to presenting the interest rates on purchases and cash advances, we provide information on the interest-free period, the primary fees, the balance transfers and the balance transfer periods.

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  • Loan Type Credit cards
  • Interest Rate from 25.5%

Benefits of interest.co.nz

  • Compare credit cards and save
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Easy loan application

Credit cards are not only convenient, but a safer method of handling cash

interest.co.nz in Auckland gives you more reasons than ever to apply for a credit card through our one of a kind credit options.

We offer a free no expense yearly card charge for the first year; and an extra card for an additional cardholder at no expense to you. You have such a large number of options with regards to our Credit card alternatives.

Pick a Credit card that suits your needs

The application procedure is online and takes no more than 15 minutes. In the event that you are 18 years or more with a decent FICO assessment – you are qualified. You should be a New Zealand resident to qualify and preferably earning a monthly wage. Before applying, remember that your credit evaluation will decide the endorsement process.

Visa expenses are charged according to the option you choose. Being in control of your finances, and able to budget each month is something we take seriously. We will not give you more credit than what you can comfortably afford to pay back. Before applying for credit online make certain you can manage the cost of the instalment arrangements on your Credit card, to abstain from venturing into the red.

Apply online, it's quick

  • email address – we'll keep you updated on your application process
  • your wages, compensation and what you spend every month
  • business name, and contact information
  • what you owe and what you possess
  • driver's permit or identification

Once your easy online loan application is submitted, you will get feedback from us in no more than an hour; it's as basic as that! Should you be approved and we are content with the information you have given us, you will have your Visa in 5 working days. You can screen your application process by reaching our staff who can assist you with any of your questions.

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When I gave Interest a ring, I expected the result to be the same as every other bank I had phoned that morning. Robotic. Overpriced monthly fees, and unreasonable interest rates. However, the co...

Donna M.
— Hamilton —

I had made the mistake of buying a flat-screen TV from a less than reputable seller. Seemed like a good deal at the time, and half of what everyone else was asking. But when I got home, the scree...

George K.
— Napier —

As with any business, dry spells are unavoidable. Not having made my quota for the month, I suffered through countless sleepless nights. Until my colleague suggested Interest. I went in, got the ...

Gulshan H.
— Masterton —

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