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About MasterCard

Mastercard has been providing top-class financial services to NZ citizens for over 50 years – allowing them to be a leading finance company globally.

Mastercard's most reason rewards

Mastercard has received numerous awards over the past couple of years. Their most recent awards are:

  • Fortune - #7 of 50 Companies Changing the World 2016
  • Forbes - World's Most Innovative Companies – 2016
  • Diversity Inc - #7 of Top 50 Companies for Diversity – 2016

Enabling global commerce

Mastercard does not issue cards, but they are why people can use their credit cards NZ worldwide. Providers that have a contract with them can offer all the Mastercard benefits to their clients.

Top-class safety and Security Products

Mastercard ensures that clients can make payments with peace of mind with their secure payment networks. With identity checks, clients can enjoy secure online shopping without having to worry about their details being used by third parties. 

MasterCard Services

Mastercard understands that people need easy access to their credit wherever they are, so they created the Mastercard service.

Safety and security is a high-priority

The most crucial benefit of using a Mastercard credit card is that they ensure that clients privacy is protected and that their funds are secure. They constantly develop new innovative ways to secure their clients' accounts to ensure they receive the protection they deserve.

Loyalty and rewards credit cards

All Mastercard clients receive extra benefits and services that includes a reward platform. Each client gets personalised offers such as emergency card replacement, insurance services, global and local gifts, emergency quick loans nz and 24-hour customer service.

Find a Mastercard that fits your needs

Clients can explore all Mastercard options using their innovative online application tool. It allows them to filter the options according to their preferred type of card and issue or brand. Beyond that, clients can also browse through the different offers and benefits using the online sorting tool according to their location.

MasterCard – Credit card

  • Loan Type Credit cards

Benefits of MasterCard

  • Affordable credit cards
  • Earn rewards as you spend
  • Payments are simpler and faster

We offer a variety of credit card options to suit your needs

MasterCard ensures that as soon as clients change or update their card details, the retailers receive an update on their side.

Click to Pay is an innovative payment technology method that allows clients to pay if the device used changes.

Benefits of MasterCard

  • Affordable credit cards
  • Earn rewards as you spend
  • Payments are simpler and faster

Credit card options to suit each client's needs

Master Card is one of the most well-known brand names in the world. They are deemed the 5th most valuable financial service brand globally and are seen as part of the top competing brands with American Express and Visa.

Buy now – pay later

With MasterCard's affordable credit card in New Zealand, clients get a personalized credit limit to spend as they need and then pay back with small affordable monthly repayments. Clients receive low rates and charges on their credit cards if they make sure to make repayments within the desired time frame.

How do I apply for a Mastercard

Mastercard has created an online tool to assist in making decisions about which card products are available.  Mastercard does not issue cards directly to consumers but works with many well-known financial service providers. Clients can use the online tool to apply for their credit card and decide which offer from what provider fits their needs best.

Why choose Mastercard credit cards

  • Priceless specials- Receive personalized discounts and benefit every day.
  • Priceless cities- Clients can use their Mastercard low-interest rate credit card in many cities all around the world
  • Priceless causes- Take part in social projects by donating to different causes

MasterCard Security benefits

Zero Liability on unauthorized transactions - Mastercard takes full responsibility for making sure that no unauthorized transactions take place, meaning the bank or credit union that issued the card is also not held responsible.

Identity theft protection -Clients receive 24/7  access to certified resolution specialists, trained to assist in reporting and cancel lost or stolen cards.

Microchip technology -Cards that have been microchipped provide increased protection against theft and fraud, thanks to the innovative technology used.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Apart from the website being a bit glitchy from time to time, I’m more than happy with the level of service I've received so far. I appreciate the fact that they always put in that extra 50% to e...

John V.
— Wellington —

I found Master Card’s website and was immediately impressed by how quick and efficient the entire process was. No cues or silver-tongued representatives trying to sell you something you don’t wan...

Danni B.
— Hamilton —

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