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About – Westpac

At Westpac, we are proud of our history which began in the 1860s.

We have always placed the main focus on innovation to offer the most technologically advanced and functional financial solutions to our clients. At present, we are the second largest bank in New Zealand.

Helping you grow and succeed

We have a comprehensive range of products to meet and exceed the needs of our private, business and institutional clients. We offer a variety of accounts and financial products for individual customers to help them achieve the goals which they have set for themselves. Our personal credit products range from short-term unsecured loans and vehicle finance to home loans and debt consolidation loan. Business customers can select from a wide range of customisable solutions. We help them to grow and succeed.

Services – Westpac

You can wrap all of your outstanding debts and make a single payment every month with a debt consolidation loan.

Instead of dealing with many payments on credit cards, hire purchases and personal loan, you will have only one instalment to take care of. This will make things easy and convenient for you.

Tailored loans to meet your unique needs

We can tailor the loan to match your requirements fully and to free up some cash for you during the month. You can secure a competitive interest rate which is much lower than those on credit and store cards, overdrafts and some personal loans.

You get to select the term of the loan. A longer term will result in smaller regular payments while a shorter one will allow you to save on interest payments.

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Summary of Services

  • DEBT Consolidation Loan 
  • SHORT-TERM Loans 
  • CAR Loans
  • BUSINESS Loans
  • HOME Loans

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Choose the debt consolidation partner in NZ, choose Westpac

Make 'one day' happen today with a Westpac Debt Consolidation Loan in Warkworth.

If you are drowning in built up debts, making it almost impossible to get by each month. Now is the time to consolidate your debts under one instalment each month, into one debt consolidating loan. It's speedy and simple to apply, and the advance can be organized to suit your needs.

There are so many ways to get this loan

We have a simple online loan application 

One size doesn't fit all. Our quick cash loans are adaptable. With diverse term lengths, competitive rates and no penalties in the event that you pay it off ahead of schedule, you will definitely find the ideal loan to fit your needs.

Our easy to use loan calculator will allow you to work out just how much you can borrow, as well as how much your instalments will work out to be each month. This little tool can help you budget ahead of time, and prepare you for your application process.

Now is the time when you Need to end up in a good place financially, get things you have always wanted, and experience your dreams. A debt consolidated loan gives you more than only financial related support to get the things you need – it could likewise spare you on premium charges, offer you some assistance with avoiding the bother of different instalments for different debts, and that's just the beginning.

Consolidating your debts

Spare yourself a heap of interest and bother by putting all your debt into one credit. Store cards, credit cards, personal loans or even things that you just cannot afford to budget for anymore, could all be paid off as a major aspect of a Westpac Debt consolidated loan with one basic reimbursement each month.

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