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Pretty Penny Loans

  • Quick loans up to $5,000
  • Easy online application
  • Repayment up to 42 days

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About Pretty Penny Loans

Get cash, fast. Pretty Penny Loans can help you out with up to $500, today.

Whatever your cash emergency is for, they have been providing quick finance solutions to Kiwis across New Zealand for years and have the skills and knowledge to help you in no time.

Because they strongly believe in tailored loans that suit your budget and lifestyle, they don’t have a maximum loan repayment term and will get you something that you can comfortably repay over a term that suits you.

Normally, you would have to repay a payday loan within four to eight weeks as it is a short-term solution, but they can always adjust here and there to make it more convenient for you.

Instant cash for emergencies

Facing an unexpected shortage of funds and a pile of bills or expenses? Pretty Penny Loans can give you the safe and secure quick loan you need for resolving your cash crisis today.

You don’t have to be tied up in a hole of long-term debt when you apply for a cash boost. That’s why quick loans are so easy and beneficial to solve a short-term problem. Deal with a team that is professional and fast and that won’t even keep your internet banking credentials when you apply.

Your banking credentials are encrypted when they gain access to your transaction history and then permanently deleted after that. Keeping your information safe and protecting from fraud and online crime is one of their highest priorities, so you’ll need to re-enter your details again if you need to resubmit your bank statement using Credit Sense.

Pretty Penny Loans Services

You can access an amount between $50 and $500 over 7 to 42 days or more by applying in just minutes.

Whether you need money to buy food for the end of the month, fix a broken car, book a short getaway, pay an unforeseen bill, a quick loan NZ can be just the right solution to solve your cash crisis. Enjoy competitive rates and flexible loans and easily manage their affordable repayments.

Loans for people with bad credit 

Have a bad credit score? Don’t worry too much about it. Pretty Penny Loans will still; be able to assist you even if your credit score is not ideal. As long as you can afford the repayments, they might overlook your credit rating when approving your quick loan.

Great customer service

Their financial advisers are highly trained and passionate about providing second to none customer service to the people of New Zealand. Enjoy impeccably fast and friendly assistance from an experienced team that cares about you and your family. All applicants are considered by them, no matter your situation or profile as they believe in giving everyone a fair go at finance. The great part is that you will receive the cash within hours.

Helpful and innovative tools

You can apply easily and speedily as they use automated and innovative technology to fast track their application and approval processes. Through their state-of-the-art technology and easy-to-use online calculator, you will be able to have your loan approved in no time.

Pretty Penny Loans – Quick loan

  • Loan Type Quick loans
  • Loan Amount up to $5,000
  • Repayment 7 days to 42 days

Benefits of Pretty Penny Loans

  • High loan approval rates
  • Quick and easy loan applications
  • Flexible repayment terms

Quick loan calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
This quick loan calculator is for illustration purposes only.
The use of this loan calculator is subject to our terms of use.

Countless New Zealanders are choosing Pretty Penny as their go-to lender

Getting quick cash in your hand is not that difficult after all, here’s how:

  1. Provide them with basic details such as the purpose for the loan, who you are, where you are from, the amount you are looking for, and for how long you would like to borrow the money for, your income, and expenses. They’ll check your bank statements to see how much you can afford
  2. Once they’ve completed their assessment, they will let you know if your loan has been approved. You can then accept and sign electronically so that they can transfer the cash into your account.
  3. You will receive the money within just hours.

To be eligible you must be:

  • 18+ years old.
  • Have a current bank account.
  • Have an income.
  • Be an NZ resident

Pretty Penny loans are affordable

  • No paperwork, stress, or fuss.
  • Quick and innovative online loan nz applications.
  • Immediate cash that pays out within hours.
  • Avoid being stuck in long-term debt.
  • They have high loan approval rates.
  • Easy and flexible repayments terms.
  • Transparent loans tailored to your needs.
  • The automated system makes things even faster.
  • Competitive rates.
  • Quick and friendly assistance from experienced staff.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

The professional consultants are on hand to iron out any potential questions you might have, or information that you don’t understand. They explained the online application process to me and I wa...

Ada C.
— Christchurch —

PPL delivers the best service in terms of quick cash loans: their friendly consultants and super-fast approval rates cannot be beaten.

Loulou D.
— Palmerston North —

Quite pleased with the service received. I struggled a bit with the application process but was able to complete it without assistance. The loan was approved within two hours.

Eva K.
— Rotorua —

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