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About – SaveMyBacon

The small short-term cash loans of Save My Bacon are from $100 to $500.

They are designed to help you go through rough times or to pay for a special event or gift. We operate throughout the whole of New Zealand. We have same-day payment and this makes our finance solutions some of the speediest around. We offer a more flexible and easier borrowing alternative compared to traditional lenders like banks and credit unions.

Apply for a loan online and get your cash in under an hour

At the same time, we have integrated the concept of responsible lending into our process fully. We have an online application process. We offer bad credit loans to people who have the capacity to repay them. Everything is transparent with us. When you get a loan from us, the borrowed amount can be in your bank account in 1 hour.

Services – SaveMyBacon

The Save My Bacon loans for people with bad credit are ideal tools for dealing with cash emergencies.

If you have credit card issues or you have to fix your broken car, we can help you out. You can get approved even if there are some blemishes on your credit record. For us, bad credit history is not necessarily a barrier preventing you from obtaining one of our loans. Still, we reserve our right to perform a credit check on you.

Loans available to people with poor credit

We typically provide quick loans to people who have had problems in the past, but currently have the ability to pay. We want to make sure that you borrow responsibly. You should take out only as much cash as you need and can afford to pay back given the cost of the loan. You can use the budget calculator on our website to plan the repayment.

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Summary of Services

  • INSTANT Cash Loans
  • SHORT-TERM Loans
  • BAD Credit Loans
  • PAYDAY Loans

We have the fastest loan approval times & quick payouts

SaveMyBacon in Christchurch is the speediest and most advantageous money related establishment to get loans for blacklisted clients.

Quick Response Times - We help borrowers with getting blacklisted loans quickly. Apply now and get fast reaction times to your online loan application. Should you have any questions to your loan requirements or questions in regards to your credit record, reach one of our amicable specialists who work with you to resolve any issues.

Blacklisted loans up to $10,000 - Are you searching for budgetary help within the scope of $2,000 and $10,000? SaveMyBacon has one of the biggest scopes of loan options that will find the perfect fit for you.

Applying for our advances online is one of the speediest and most easy ways to get cash fast. Get a brisk response to your application, and if approved, the cash will be in your banking account in less than a day.

We have helped more than thousands of Kiwi's

We are an online business which helps you with your fast loan requirements a great deal speedier and more successfully than any other suppliers. In the event that you are requiring money however have a poor credit record, it can be hard to get credit. At SaveMyBacon, we take an alternate approach and examine every one of the components of past records of credit reimbursements to endeavour and find a suitable financing course of action for you.

We can help

SaveMyBacon can offer blacklisted client advances of up to $10,000 quickly and successfully. We strive to be the firm to beat in this industry, ensuring that we do and go as far as we can to get you the finance you require, without honing in on your credit history. Everyone deserves a chance and should be allowed to afford the better things in life.

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47 Mandeville St, Riccarton, Christchurch, 8011, New Zealand
Ph: +64 800 272 836 / 8014
Fx: (03) 343 1034
Em: support@savemybacon.co.nz
Em: arrears@savemybacon.co.nz

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PO Box 8496, Christchurch, 8014, New Zealand

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