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For quick cash solutions, is the ideal choice.

Our credit product range includes payday loans, cash advances and personal loans. Our finance company operates online to make these products accessible easily and quickly. You can make an application in minutes and you will get a reply from us in no time.

We have some of the best interest rates on short-term cash loans in New Zealand.

Our fees are limited to make our loans even more cost-efficient for our customers. We take pride in the fact that we have some of the cheapest payday loans in the country. Furthermore, we have made our service highly personalised. You can choose the repayment term and structure so that they match your needs perfectly. We have a responsible lending policy to ensure that you will be in safe hands at all times.

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You can readily compare the payday loans provided by to the competing products of most other payday lenders in New Zealand and you will discover that our offers are between 10% and 40% cheaper.

There are several benefits which make our loans stand out. We do not charge high establishment fees which add to the cost of the loan.

The only cost which you will incur is the interest rate. It is 1.43% per day.

If you take out a loan of $100, you will have to pay $1.43 daily. It is as simple as this. We have easy online loan application process and super fast approval.

You can have the cash with you overnight or in just 1 hour. You can use our online calculator to decide how much you need to borrow and plan the repayment of the loan.

Summary of Services

  • Quick Loans
  • Short Terms Loans 
  • Payday Loans

Get your pay day loans in Tauranga from

Get your pay day loans in Tauranga from Our name says it all, if you can’t wait weeks or months or even days to get cash you need, call us, we can help you in only hours! We are the quickest, with the most advantageous approach to get immediate money when you require additional cash in those intense months.

Everything is done on the web.

Our 2 minute online loan application procedure will permit you a window into getting money in a flash. Our endorsement procedure is lighting fast, and you will have cash in your banking account inside of hours. No credit checks, no paperwork and documents needed, it's simply speedy, straightforward cash till your next pay day.

Pay that unforeseen bill; get rid of individuals calling you because of unpaid bills. Fix that car repair and don't get stranded amidst the month with no financial plan to put sustenance on the table. We have an accomplished group of qualified financial advisors, who are constantly accessible to listen to your concerns, or should you have any inquiries identifying with your application.

Loan Application Basic Requirements

We can assist New Zealand residents who are 18 years old, you have a month to month pay going into their banking account. On the off chance that you fit those criteria, you fit the profile for a quick cash loan. There has never been a simpler approach to get an advance. will give you access to a scope of distinctive advance alternatives too. We are one of the top cash loan suppliers in the nation, and help a large number of clients every year to get their budgetary circumstances on track. There is no reason why you shouldn’t apply today.

Get the low loan fees, easy instalments and a group of amicable and devoted advisors in this all in one money arrangement. Apply now from the solace of your home, or your office.

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120 Third Ave, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty Region, 3110, New Zealand
Ph: +64 7-577 0136
Fx: (07) 578 8074
Em: [email protected]
Em: [email protected]

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