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NZCU Baywide

  • Personal loans up to $60,000
  • Low-interest starting from 9.99%
  • Repayment up to 7 years

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About NZCU Baywide

NZCU Baywide is an NZ-owned company that understands the need for financial assistance when clients have urgent, big purchases to make.

They have years of experience helping Kiwis find the right cash solution to help them reach their goals.

NZ's preferred lending company

The company offers solutions similar to those of a bank but with a lot more benefits. NZCU consultants and owners are all proud NZ citizens who are all experts in the market and the needs of lenders in the country. NZCU started as Whakatu Freezing Works Employee Credit Union in 1971 and since rebranded to become NZCU Baywide. They now have 16 branches that serve the focal and lower North Island.

Personalized according to client needs

NZCU aims to offer all clients various choices regarding their financial needs, including personal loan options and financial guidance. They are not a revenue-driven company; all their services are customer-centric and personalized according to specific requirements.

NZCU's primary obligation is to serve its clients appropriately. All assets at the company are sourced from the groups they serve. All loan services underpin the needs of people and families who live and work in New Zealand.

NZCU Baywide Services

The company offers low-interest personal loans that range between 9,9% and 11.9%.

NZCU Baywide has the most flexible and transparent range of services in NZ. Clients can feel assured that they will find a personal loan that meets their needs- Whether it's in the form of a car loan, holiday finding, medical bills, or even property repairs.

NZCU loan options

NZCU offers easy online loan options that can be used for large payments such as a down payment on a car or smaller bills such as repairs around the house. They offer flexible options and easy criteria for clients to get the emergency loan they are looking for.

NZCU Baywide is well-known for its incredible benefits on home loans and home improvement loans.

Competitive interest rates

NZCU clients receive rates that are competitive in the NZ financial industry – with rates starting from 9,9%. Each client gets a rate worked out according to their requested amount and term for the loan.

Their online loans don't have a higher rate, even though they are easy to get. NZCU does not charge any hidden fees or conditions on their loans; all charges are transparent and clear before signing the contract.

NZCU Baywide – Personal loan

  • Loan Type Personal loans
  • Interest Rate 9.9923.90% p/a
  • Loan Amount up to $60,000
  • Repayment 6 months to 7 years
  • Initiation Fee $250

Benefits of NZCU Baywide

  • 100% online loan applications
  • Variable interest rates
  • A range of loan options to choose from

Personal loan calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
This personal loan calculator is for illustration purposes only.
The use of this loan calculator is subject to our terms of use.

When you partner with NZCU Baywide, you get a financial partner for life

NZCU Baywide designs its services to make lending easy for its clients.

With fast approval and high turnaround times in obtaining finances- they are the number one online lending company in NZ.

NZCU offers secured and unsecured personal loans

Clients have access to various short-term, unsecured loan options that don't require collateral as security. Unsecured loans are perfect for paying for holiday costs, monthly bills, or even medical payments.

Secured loans are for those who need a larger loan, perhaps for a new car or even a dream home. Clients can use assets to secure the loan or use a guarantor to sign on their behalf.  

Apply online for a flexible personal loan

To apply at NZCU requires no paperwork, fewer hassles, and less time compared to traditional banks. Clients can apply for the amount they require on the online application platform and choose whether to make weekly, monthly, or fortnightly term repayments.

All documents needed can be uploaded online – applicants will never have to stand in a queue to get an NZCU loan.

What are the uses of a personal loan?

  • Home loans up to $250 000 - NZCU home loans range up to $250 000, without needing to put down a deposit. Clients can expect fast approval on their loan, as the company wants to ensure that their clients can get the amount they need, when they need it, to secure the payment on their dream home.
  • Debt consolidation loans - A debt consolidation loan helps clients who are struggling to keep up with debt repayments by reducing all payments to one and lowering the interest rate. Clients can now consolidate all short-term unsecured debt into one loan and continue to pay one instalment each month instead of many.
  • Get a new set of wheels - By offering fast pre-approved car loans, NZCU helps clients get the best cash deals on a new car. Pre-approval allows clients to have leverage with the car dealership, as they can put down the deposit faster than those who need to wait for approval from a traditional bank.

Don't delay; get your loan today

All NZCU Baywide personal loans are available on their online loan application platform. The application process is user-friendly and even comes with an online personal loan calculator to help clients decide which offer is best.

The NZCU team is there to assist all applications throughout the experience and guide them in the direction which suits their needs best. After being approved, clients can expect to receive their cash within 24 hours - directly paid into their account.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Such an affordable personal loan option - lowest rate I have been offered on an unsecured loan!

Helena L
— Lower Hutt —

Excellent terms, great rates, and friendly staff to assist when you need it.

Charmaine G
— Wellington —

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