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About – Lending Crowd

Lending Crowd is a financial technology company built on decades of experience in the finance and technology industries.

We combine some clever ideas with the latest technology to create and operate a marketplace, where people with money to invest, connect directly and anonymously with people looking to borrow.

We have the technology

Because we're a technology company. our marketplace operates very efficiently. and we pass this on to both borrowers and investors with better deals than traditional finance channels can offer. Our mission is to lower the cost of borrowing and take the hassle out of the process for borrowers and open up a whole new class of investment with great returns to investors. What we do is clever and it works!

Say goodbye to the noise and hassle normally associated with borrowing money for your business. Small to medium sized firms make up 85% of NZ businesses and that's who we cater to. We want to make your life easier not harder, therefore, our process is fast, simple, and fully online!

Services – Lending Crowd

The Lending Crowd is a trusted lender that provides financing to New Zealanders who are in search of personal loans, vehicle loans, and quality business loans. However, these business loans offer greater flexibility.

Great fixed rates

Rates and fees at the Lending Crowd are very competitive because we don't have the overheads or profit margins that banks do. On Lending Crowd you're borrowing money from people just like you - there's no bank or finance company in the middle so everybody wins! You can always select between a 36 or 60-month term to get a regular payment amount that suits you. On top of all this, there's no fees or penalties for repaying your loan early on Lending Crowd! 

There are 1,000 different reasons people borrow money - perhaps for a holiday, painting your house, consolidating your debts, buying a jet ski or alike. We look at you as a person, not at the reason you're borrowing money, and you'll get some of the best rates out there when choosing to use our services.

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Summary of Services

  • PERSONAL Loans
  • CAR Loans
  • BUSINESS Loans

A business loan is easy to apply for & you can have the cash tomorrow!

Lending Crowd is a trusted, and preferred New Zealand lender that provides personal financing and business loans. Their process is simple and easy and it is 100% online.

Am I eligible?                                                                                         

If you want to know if you are eligible for an affordable business loan at the Lending Crowd, simply see if you meet these prerequisites:

  • A good credit history
  • Over 18 months in business.
  • No less than $80,000 in annual sales.
  • The ability to secure your loan with vehicle(s) or property(s) that you or your business own (or are looking to purchase).
  • Full ownership of your business or with your spouse.

Get your business loan in three simple steps:

  1. Complete a loan application online in minutes.
  2. Choose a rate and term that suits you.
  3. Money is deposited straight to your bank account.

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88 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland Region, 1023, New Zealand
Ph: +64 9-529 4322
Fx: +64 9 529 0027
Em: support@lendingcrowd.co.nz

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PO Box 17422, Greenlane, Auckland, 1546, New Zealand