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  • Payday loans up to $500
  • Low-interest up to 361.5%
  • Repayment up to 32 days

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Do you have an unplanned bill this month? Emergencies and unplanned expenses seldom wait until the end of the month or for a time when you have extra disposable income.

SmartCash provides a simple solution for those unexpected expenses. SmartCash has more than 30 years of professional experience in New Zealand banking and finance. They can use this experience to assist you with your financial needs in a time of crisis.

With their quick and kind service, they will help you to get an unsecured short-term loan, hassle-free and with a lower interest rate. You can have the answer to your application in as little as 60 minutes. Getting a payday loan with SmartCash means:

  • You can get same-day access to up to $500 cash.
  • The online application only takes as little as 5 minutes to complete.
  • Very quick loan approvals.
  • The money gets deposited directly into your personal account.
  • Completely unsecured.

Quick and easy repayment options 

SmartCash offers various ways to pay back your loan. Normally SmartCash does a direct withdrawal from your submitted bank account, but they can request that you do your repayments manually, or for your employer to do an automatic wage deduction. This gives you the freedom to choose the option that suits your situation best.


The application process for your loan can be approved within just 60 minutes.

If you have loan approval before 3:30 pm on business days you can have the money deposited into your account on the same day. With service this amazing you can put your stress at unexpected expenses to rest.

SmartCash fees and interest rates

Their day-to-day interest rate is 0.134%:

  • Establishment - $30
  • Every payment processed - $5
  • Same-day access to loan - $10

Other fees are charged only if they apply to you:

  • Payment deduction fee of $20
  • A rescheduling fee of $20
  • A default fee of $30

Quick approval for returning customers

If you have borrowed from SmartCash before you can just log in to your account to fill out an application form and if your bank account and employment details have not changed they advise approval for your new loan within just 15 minutes. This easy-to-use service is just one of the many advantages of using SmartCash as your preferred payday loan NZ provider.

SMART CASH – Payday loan

  • Loan Type Payday loans
  • Interest Rate 361.5%
  • Loan Amount up to $500
  • Repayment 7 days to 32 days

Benefits of SMART CASH

  • Lower interest rates
  • A fast loan service
  • Quick payday loan payouts

Payday loan calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
This payday loan calculator is for illustration purposes only.
The use of this loan calculator is subject to our terms of use.

Getting a payday loan is as easy as completing a quick online loan application

You can repay SmartCash by paying segments of your loan as you get paid:

  • Weekly wage - payback with up to four paydays.
  • Fortnightly wage - payback with two paydays.
  • Monthly salary - payback within your next payday.

How to apply for a payday advance

Before you apply, know that you will need to:

  • Fill out your personal information on the online loan NZ application form,
  • consent to a credit check,
  • agree that SmartCash can contact your work to confirm your salary details, and
  • provide SmartCash with recent bank statements.

Step 1. Complete their online application form and wait for your loan documents to pop up on the screen.

Step 2. Carefully look through the documents and then sign them with a secure electronic signature.

Step 3. Check your email where you will find a copy of the loan documents in your inbox. There will also be a second email with a link for you to click on to confirm your email address this will complete the application process.

Why is SmartCash the best choice for me

  • The loans at Smartcash are considerably cheaper than other payday lenders.
  • Their loan criteria and low borrowing rates help ensure you only take out a loan that you are able to pay back within the lending period.
  • They also borrow from Self-employed Kiwis.
  • Overnight transactions can be made available the next day free of charge.
  • It is a quick application process.
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SMART CASH is a trusted & reliable provider of payday loans

In our review, SMART CASH adheres to the compliance criteria in accordance with the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003, where the granting the loan will not cause financial distress to the consumer.

✅ SMART CASH is a registered credit provider in New Zealand: FSPFSP 241185

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Not my first payday loan, but certainly my best. Lowest interest rate I have been offered. Everyone should make use of them when needed.

Tony A
— Christchurch —

I received an incredibly low-interest rate on my unsecured loan, I am very satisfied.

Frederick S
— Rotorua —

I like Smart Cash for the low rates, I wish the terms could be a bit longer though.

Allen C
— Nelson —


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