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image of Harmoney
image of Harmoney

About – Harmoney

When Harmoney was founded our team had incredibly bold ambitions for the future of the company.

We had a game-changing vision, which was to completely transform lending as we know it by introducing a marketplace finance model that would effectively and permanently alter the way that New Zealanders viewed money.

Our humble beginnings

Establishing Harmoney was a large risk as we had no fall-back and the company was built from the ground up. Our goal was to create a better financial experience for locals hoping to find a loan that will cater to their needs.

We have a vision

Here at Harmoney we are in touch with our vision and all our employees are familiar with our company’s beliefs. We know our staff and our staff knows us and we like to believe that this has allowed us to deliver a better service.

Services – Harmoney

We take education very seriously and while we always try to offer our clients the lowest possible rates on their loans, more so for our student loans. It is our way of investing in the future.

Quality education at affordable rates

Our motto is that everyone deserves a quality education and the opportunity to achieve their dreams, regardless of their current financial status or background. Therefore, we have taken the necessary measures, which have enabled us to offer low-interest student loans to our clients. Our student loans are available from as little as 9.99% interest and the student will only need to repay the loan once they have completed their studies.

Up to $70,000 unsecured loans

As we know how hard it can be to get a high personal loan without having to place a valuable asset as collateral, we have ensured that our clients can get access to student loans of up to $70,000 without having to place an item as security. This is just one more thing we have done to help the young New Zealand population get access to the money they need to finance their studies. 

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Summary of Services

  • CAR Loans
  • PERSONAL Loans
  • STUDENT Loans

Here’s a short video about Harmoney

Apply for a Harmoney student loan, they are quick and reliable

Harmoney is a quality lender that offers a variety of loans including, debt consolidation loans, business loans, car loans and of course affordable student loans.

Your future is important and that is what they believe at Harmoney too. It is definitely a lender that is keen on the development of students and it therefore makes them one of the best student loan lenders.

Apply online

If you wish to apply for a Harmoney student loan, you simply need to visit their website, navigate to the student finance page and click on the ‘Apply Now’ button, which will take you to another page where you can specify the details of your loan.

Harmoney works quickly so you should have a response in no time and the funds will be deposited into your account shortly thereafter. 

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 Contact Details

308 Parnell Rd, Parnell, Auckland Region, 1052, New Zealand
Ph: +64 800 427 666
Em: info@harmoney.co.nz
Em: customerservice@harmoney.co.nz

 Postal Address

PO Box 106-507, Customs Street, Auckland City, 1143, New Zealand