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About – Cash in a Flash

The name of Cash in a Flash reflects fully what our finance company does. We deliver cash quickly when you need it.

Our payday loans are designed to help you get through the month in case of unexpected budget crisis.

Whether you need to pay for a home repair or to replace a damaged appliance, we can help you out.

We have developed a simple online application process.

It is called 1-2-3-Cash. You can make the application in minutes and we will get back to you quickly. When you get approved, we will disburse the cash into your account immediately.

We are proud to have same-day loan payouts. This is how fast we are. We want to ensure that you will get the best loan for your needs. That is why we have FAQ and loan calculator on our website.

Services – Cash in a Flash

With Cash in a Flash, you can take out an instant loan for $100 to $1000 to cover unexpected expenses and manage your budget until your next payday.

The typical loan disbursement time is 30 minutes. We strive to be the fastest cash provided around.

Our online application process, 1-2-3 Cash, is recognised for its speed and convenience.

It takes a few minutes to apply. Then we will take you through the rest of the process swiftly. There is no waiting or dealing with tons of paperwork. Our interest rates, fees and repayment terms and structures are clearly indicated on all of our payday cash loans. You should not expect any surprises. We have a responsible lending policy to ensure that you will get an effective financial solution that you are comfortable with.

Summary of Services

  • Payday Loans
  • Short Term Loans
  • Online Loans
  • Cash Loans
  • Bad Credit Loans
  • Emergency Cash

Cash in a Flash Payday Cash Loans in North Shore are your solution to cash when you need it.

Cash in a Flash Payday Cash Loans in North Shore are your solution to cash when you need it. Our Payday Cash Loans can be endorsed in under 60 minutes, and range between $100-$1,000 and are expected to be utilized as a part of dire financial circumstances – like car repairs – where you require the cash as quick as possible.

Loan Features and Interest Rates you Can't Refuse

You might not have an immaculate credit record; you don't have sufficient energy to go through the motions to gather heaps of paperwork and financial documentation. We take all that out of the equation, and offer you short term loans quickly and hassle free. Since you just take payday loans for a brief timeframe we charge a higher financing cost – this is computed at 1.6% every day which is 584% for each annum when annualized (for new clients) and only 438% for returning clients.

Annualized means working out what it would cost in the event that you kept the cash for a year (recall this is not what Payday Loans are for).

So Payday Loan rates are higher than different sorts of loans – yet in the event that what you need is a fast cash loan then our rates are exceptionally competitive in the industry. On the off chance that you discover you are depending on payday loans consistently as opposed to in crises, then we encourage you to look for advice on how to budget your money better, with our free counselling services.

we always peak quality standards and levels of service

Truth is, before assuming any loan or acknowledgment you ought to consider whether the loan is fundamental, and whether you have other, less expensive choices. Sometimes we just don’t have a choice when it comes to getting cash quickly. There are many financial institutes offering these kinds of loans, however, we always seem to peak their quality standards and levels of service. Call us today or apply for a loan online and get the cash you need quicker than ever.

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