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  • Instant loans up to $1,000
  • Low-interest up to 227%
  • Repayment up to 45 days

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Author Simple Cash. Screenshot of Simple Cash website. [Accessed May 1, 2020]

About Simple Cash

Simple Cash, who are we? We are a branch of the prestigious financial group - Ferratum NZ. Since the year 2005, we have been servicing clients with microloans that you can depend on.

Our short-term loans, keep in high demand and consumers coming back for more after experiencing our customer service. What we aim to do, is help you meet those unexpected expenses that life tends to dish out without warning. Our platforms are secure and therefore your data is completely confidential. We don’t contact your employer or other related parties during the loan application process.

Tailor-made services

Since technology is important to you and to us, we have tailored our services to meet these demands. Through the means of text messages, you can easily apply for a loan via a mobile phone or the internet and obtain loan approval within 4 minutes!

Apply online at any time from anywhere!

Our main goal in the financial sector is to be the leader in microlending. We take this challenge seriously and have made it our mission to reach far and wide with our products and services. Currently, we are operating in over 22 countries around the world. Customers are extremely satisfied due to the reliability and level of professionalism that we offer as well as the ease of our loan application procedure.

Simple Cash Services

Our instant loans are a favourite choice at Simple Cash. For the simple reason that they are recognised for the speed at which they are processed and the convenience and efficiency that they come with.

Unexpected circumstances call for cash – instantly! That is why our instant loans are ideal. They are tailored to meet on the demand needs and require very little effort from your side. One can easily select any loan amount within the offered range depending on your needs and requirements. Flexibility is key, so we offer a flexible repayment term.

Save on interest with a shorter term

It doesn’t matter to us where you’re from or who you are, if you need a loan, we want to give you one. Simple Cash hopes to assist all consumers in need of urgent funds wherever we can, so it’s our guarantee to you that we will not perform background credit checks and will rather assess your affordability at the time that you apply online.

The benefits of instant loans

You can expect unbeatable turnaround times in the industry. Round the clock customer care and service is part and parcel of our service to you. At Simple Cash, our customers are our top priority. We source the best rates in the industry and offer you an advance that suits your lifestyle.

Try our online loan application to be a part of the convenience and revolutionised method of applying for a loan through your smart device!

Simple Cash Product Details

  • Loan Type Instant loans
  • Interest Rate 227%
  • Loan Amount up to $1,000
  • Repayment 7 days to 45 days

Summary of Services

  • Quick loan payouts
  • Apply online 24/7
  • Flexible repayment terms

Unexpected circumstances call for cash – instantly! That is why our instant loans are ideal

If you have a loan already, or rather more than one loan, you have to contact your current bank or lender and apply for an extension of your loan repayment term.

The alternative option is to request a postponement your repayment periods. This, however, all depends on the lender where your loan is currently.

They might require that you explain in writing how your current financial situation may have changed, and also what the time frame expectancy of this situation may be. The financial advisors at the institution will be able to assist with answers and provide solutions to your problem. These will be on the grounds of how your current financial situation has changed and how long it may go on for, or whether you have a backup insurance to cover the outstanding loan agreements.

Always be prepared

It’s wise to keep a savings fund going at all times. You never know when a terrible or unforeseen emergency is going to land up in your life where you need to take care of the costs. Perhaps it’s not a tragic emergency, maybe it’s just a holiday that you need to take for your own sanity! Extra funds are always good to invest in for rainy days.

Get an instant loan

New Zealand has so many cash loan options on offer. If you haven’t saved or made provision for emergencies, then an instant loan is the ideal solution.

At Simple Cash, we offer remarkable and impressive options. You can obtain a short-term loan, debt consolidation loan, payday loan and longer-term alternatives. These options are all there to assist in times of hardship and will free you from the financial strain that you may have been feeling.

All our loans have options when it comes to the borrowing amount and term. Our online lending platforms allow you to conveniently work out the amounts you can afford on loan calculators. These handy tools calculate it automatically so that you’re aware of upfront what your instalments will be each month, and how much you need to repay in total!

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When my car broke down, I was stressed for time and transport. The labour costs alone were more than I could afford, not to mention, the parts I'd need to buy. I inquired at several banks, hoping...

Jennifer S
— Ashburton —

Wrapped up the entire process in only a couple of minutes. Two thumbs up to Simple Cash for understanding how important it is for their customers to receive their funding as quick as possible, an...

Ashleigh B
— Auckland —

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