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About – NZ Personal Loans

With NZ Personal Loans, taking out cash for meeting your urgent cash needs is quick and easy.

What makes us different from the big banks is that we focus on the individual and not just on their income and credit rating.

With us, you can expect personal treatment, complete privacy and comfortable loan application experience.

We are a boutique micro finance company and not a bank and this is among the main reasons why our clients prefer to work with us.

Our interest rates are attractive and this is another major benefit which New Zealand consumers can enjoy.

Our clients are most important for us.

That is why we strive to provide customer service which is exceptional in every respect. Our dedicated staff is always at your disposal.

Services – NZ Personal Loans

Our personal loans are fast, easy and highly competitive in terms of interest and repayment.

At NZ Personal Loans, we understand New Zealanders and help them to achieve their financial goals which can range from car purchase to debt consolidation.

We have the right financial solution for virtually every need.

Our personal loans are structured to suit the client fully.

Our car loans are available at great rates.

With our debt consolidation loans, customers can reduce their regular payments and get more free cash during the month.

Our property finance solutions are highly flexible and can satisfy the varying needs of homeowners.

We have a fast and convenient online application process. We offer direct customer support over the telephone as well.

We will be happy to assist you with anything which you require.

Summary of Services

  • Personal Loans
  • Car Loans
  • Debt Consolidation Loans
  • Property Finance

NZ Personal Loans – Focused, speedy cash loans, you have our word on it.

NZ Personal Loans provides New Zealanders with snappy fast cash loans for any reason.

We represent considerable authority in organizing cash packages to suit your individual situation whether it is an individual advance only for you, a loan to reimburse every one of your obligations or account for another vehicle – we can offer assistance.

Our accomplished staff will convey the right answer for you when you require it.

NZ Personal Loans tailors loan products to suit your wallet.

We have the experience to get you the advance you require with no hassles whatsoever.

We offer loans to cover anything; be it car repairs, home remodelling, weddings, funerals, a vacation away with the family, or even to consolidate your debts.

If you need to get a loan, whatever the reason – NZ Personal Loans can offer assistance.

We try to get your credit approved as fast as could be allowed and the cash in your bank account that same day. We have a user friendly loan calculator available for you to use and offer you some assistance with deciding what size credit you can reimburse or what the instalments will be on a particular sum.

When you are feeling a little desperate and need quick cash, we can help you, apply online now.

If you would like to talk specifically with one of our advance experts about your necessities, please call us on 0800 56 26 76.

Apply online now & get cash in 24 hours.

Easy instalment amounts that will allow you to still live comfortably with extra cash to spare come month end. It’s easier to get the extra cash you need, life is so unexpected, things can happen overnight where you may need urgent cash!

 Contact Details

Level 4, 238 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland, Auckland Region, 1023, New Zealand
Ph: 09 950 7420 / 0800 562 676
Fx: (09) 529 4561
Em: [email protected]

 Postal Address

P O Box 28 231, Remuera, Auckland, 1541, New Zealand