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Gem Finance New Zealand

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About – Gem Finance New Zealand

Gem Finance New Zealand is a reputable lender that offers various types of loans to people all over New Zealand and Australia.

This acclaimed financial services provider has been around for many years, offering quality car loans and financial assistance at affordable rates to those who need it.

Over 2.5 million customers

Part of Latitude Financial Services, Gem Finance New Zealand forms part of the contemporary brand in the finance industry. Latitude Finance New Zealand offers financial assistance to over 2.5 million clients residing in New Zealand and Australia.

We are the biggest financial service

While many companies like to focus on the past and their past achievements when marketing their services, we at Gem Finance New Zealand like to focus on our future – just like we want to focus on your future. At Gem Finance, we aim to be the biggest independent financial services provider in not only New Zealand but also Australia.

Services – Gem Finance New Zealand

At Gem Finance New Zealand we offer a range of lending services that cater for all financing requirements.

Whether you need to pay for your wedding, finance some much-needed home renovations, need a vehicle loan, or simply need a general personal loan to pay for whatever your heart desires, Gem Finance New Zealand has you covered.

Secured or unsecured loan options

We offer both secured and unsecured loans – the choice is up to you. If you choose to apply for a loan that is secured, it will be backed by some form of collateral, such as a luxury watch, an expensive piece of art or sometimes, or even a house.

Apply in only 10 minutes

When you apply for a vehicle loan at Gem Finance it will not take you more than 10 minutes to complete the simple online application form. Once you have submitted your online car loan application form our team of financial experts will analyse your application form and determine whether you qualify to obtain car financing in New Zealand.

Interest Rate

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Repayment Term

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Summary of Services

  • PERSONAL Loans
  • CAR Loans
  • TRAVEL Loans
  • WEDDING Loans
  • HOME Improvement Loans
  • CREDIT Cards

Here’s a short video about Gem Finance New Zealand

Get into gear with a Gem Finance loan, apply online today

Gem Finance New Zealand offers car loans and other affordable personal loans to people all over New Zealand, at affordable rates.

They specialise in various types of personal loans that give people the opportunity to get the things they want in life. When it comes to car loans at Gem Finance New Zealand, you are sure to find a competitive offer.

Flexible repayment options

When you get approved for a car loan at Gem Finance New Zealand, you will have the option of repaying your debt through flexible repayments. Gem Finance New Zealand encourages you to repay your loan at your pace – as long as it meets the minimum repayment rate.

Affordable interest rates

At Gem Finance New Zealand you can secure a loan at an interest rate as low as 12.99% on cars, motorbikes, boats, or caravans. This minimum rate is very low in comparison to other competing lenders in New Zealand.                                     

Gem Finance New Zealand is a great choice if you are looking to apply for vehicle financing in New Zealand. This reputable lender offers quality loans at low interest rates with the option of repaying your debt through flexible payments – what more can you ask for?

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 Contact Details

8 Tangihua St, Auckland, Auckland Region, 1010, New Zealand
Ph: +64 9-358 8999
Em: nz.collections@gemfinance.co.nz

 Postal Address

PO Box 4058 Shortland Street, Auckland, 1140, New Zealand

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  • Monday 08:00 – 19:00
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