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About – Active Finance

Active Finance was founded in 2000 by two local New Zealand locals, which grew into a business that is customer centred and that shows understanding for the financial requirements of each individual. 

No matter what your income or credit rating is, our financial experts will do everything to find you a loan in New Zealander who will be able to assist you and give you the necessary financing at an affordable rate.

Simple and easy loans

It is our goal to make the loan application process as comfortable and convenient as possible. Therefore, we have created a simple online loan application. Once you have completed this application, a mobile representative will visit you at the location of your choice (such as work or home) and they will continue to discuss the loan application process with you and finalise the necessary paperwork.

Feel at home with Active Finance

At Active Finance, we want to surround our clients with a happy and friendly environment where they will be able to feel at ease. However, despite our laidback environment, we are very serious about financing and we are determined to offer clients the best possible rates.

Services – Active Finance

We offer a variety of loans to serve various lending purposes.

Our financial specialists are highly experienced in order to provide the best possible financial and lending advice to clients of all income classes.

Loans from $1,000

Active Finance will assist you with loans of $1,000 and upward. Our financial specialists will search for an affordable personal loan that matches your unique needs. We can assist you with both secured and unsecured personal loans that come with low interest rates. Generally, our personal loans are repaid between six months and 48 months, however, secured personal loans can be repaid over up to 84 months.

Financing that suits your unique situation

Many lenders that have standard criteria and if you do not meet it, they will not assist you. We know that everybody is different and each person is in a different financial situation that makes it impossible to operate on standard criteria.

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Summary of Services

  • PERSONAL Loans
  • BAD Credit Loans
  • DEBT Consolidation Loans
  • CAR Loans
  • HOME loans

Get rid of all that debt with Active Finance, its easy & convenient

Many New Zealanders have enjoyed the benefits of having Active Finance as their personal lender.

Why? As they have been providing lending needs for 17 years and have assisted them to make their dreams a reality – no matter how big or small. When you apply for a loan through Active Finance, you will notice that the experience is quite different than that of a bank. Not only does Active Finance provide a more relaxed experience.

Consolidate your debt today

If you have too much debt that needs to be repaid and all the constant payments are getting the better of you, you might consider applying for a debt consolidation loan Active Finance. A debt consolidation loan will allow you to combine all your standing debt in one single account and repay that one loan rather than many different accounts every month.

This means that not only will your debt be more manageable, but you will also be able to save on interest since you will now only be paying interest on one loan. Also, it allows you to have a greater disposable income to spend on things you really need and want.

Bad credit is not a problem

Beyond their affordable debt consolidation loans, Active Finance also offers quality bad credit loans. If you have a low credit score and need some financing, then Active Finance might be your best bet at securing a good loan with a reputable lender while being able to get a low-interest rate that will not demolish your disposable income.

As you know, bad credit loans are accompanied by high-interest rates due to the risk that the lender is taking by approving you for financing. However, here is an option that is very affordable in comparison to some other lenders and financial advisors. With Active Finance, you can get bad credit loans at an interest rate as low as 14.95%.

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