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About – Easy Loans

As a specialist in personal and business finance, Easy Loans has been serving New Zealanders since the mid-1990s.

Our parent company Asset Finance Limited has extensive finance and investment operations nationwide. We are happy to be able to draw on the experience of an expert management team. We provide loans directly. We are not brokers and we do not provide brokerage services.

We offer loan amounts from $400 to $100,000

Our product range includes instant loans, debt consolidation loans, home loans and second mortgages and business finance. We run an online application system which enables you to apply for a loan easily and quickly from any point in the country. We have flexible approval criteria. We strive to contact loan applicants within 2 hours to ensure the fastest turnaround time.

Services – Easy Loans

If you have to pile debt, you should not panic, but act now.

You can take complete control over your finances with debt consolidation. It involves taking out a single loan for paying off all outstanding balances on loans, credit cards and other credit accounts. 

Choose a repayment schedule that suits you

With a debt consolidation loan which is specifically designed for you, you can have more disposable income and get back on your feet. You will have just one payment to take care of. You can select a repayment structure based on weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments. If you use a motor vehicle or real estate as security for your personal cash loan, you will have the best chances of approval. If you do not have an asset to provide as security, you can request a family member or a friend to help you out.

Summary of Services

  • PERSONAL Loans 
  • DEBT Consolidation 
  • BUSINESS Finance 

Easy Loans are the trusted professionals when it comes to debt consolidation

Easy Loans in Whakatane can consolidate all your debts with their debt consolidation loans.

It is safe to say that you are attempting to make the regularly scheduled instalments on your various debts, credit card payments and bills? Why not make it simpler and more cost effective on your budget?

Combine your bills into one affordable loan

Try not to freeze at the thought of overwhelming debts! An inexorably developing number of individuals are taking control of their funds through a debt consolidation advance. Debt consolidation is taking out a solitary advance with one supplier to pay off numerous other advances, credit cards and different debts... to make your life simpler.

Relief your debt stress

A consolidation advance can expand your week by week income, offering you some assistance with getting back on your feet once more. Joining your debts into one simple consolidation advance additionally streamlines your money related circumstances - you have only one week after week, fortnightly or month to month bill to pay and monitor!

Do I require security for a Debt Consolidation loan?

On the off chance that you give a vehicle or home as security, an endorsement is significantly more likely. If you don't have the security yourself, you can ask a companion or relative to be your underwriter and give the security for your sake.

Debt consolidation with added benefits

  • Speed! We can support your advance in around 2 hours if you apply for a loan online and pay the cash into your bank account overnight
  • Adaptability! Instalments begin from as little as $30 every week
  • It's Easy at Easy Loans!

Call us today and finally take control of your debts, we can assist you with your instalment terms to make it more affordable through only one personal cash loan. Its easier than you think to get your finances lower, just a few simple steps.

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Ph: +64 800 852 369 / (07) 306 0270
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PO Box 497, Whakatane, 3120, New Zealand

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