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GE Money

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About – GE Money

GE money is a finance company with a leading position in the New Zealand market for personal loans, insurance and retail finance.

The value of our assets exceeds NZ$1.4 billion. We have a customer base of over 530,000 and more than 2,000 retail partners, brokers and ATMs across the country. We are a primary alternative to the major banks.

We have a global presence 

We can assist you with consolidating your debt. We have the right solution to meet your needs. We have outstanding customer service. We are part of GE Capital, which is one of the main businesses of General Electric, one of the most innovative companies in the world. We are a global company serving more than 110,000 million people in 55 countries.

Services – GE Money

If you have too many bills and too little cash to pay them, the GE Money debt consolidation loan can be the ideal solution for this dreadful situation.

With this financial solution, you can regain effective control over your finances. It involves rolling all outstanding balances on your current credit facilities into a single loan which is easy to manage.

We will design a loan according to your needs

You can reduce the payment that you make each month. You have to take into account the total interest amount and the total loan cost as well. The benefits of our personal loans include fixed interest rate, single payment, which is fixed for the term of the loan, and assistance with the repayment of existing debt.

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Summary of Services

  • PERSONAL Loans
  • CAR Loans
  • DEBT Consolidation Loans

Here’s a short video about GE Money

Debt consolidation can help you become debt free again, apply today

Debt consolidation loans are made easy at GE Money in Auckland, it is a quick and simple process to apply.

Need to put an end date on your debt? With a GE Money Debt Consolidation Loan, you could now get your funds under control and roll your debts into a solitary simple to-oversee credit. By setting an advance term that suits your financial plan, you could really decrease the sum you spend on reimbursements every month.

Be that as it may, by picking a more drawn out credit term, the aggregate sum of interest you pay will likewise increment. Making things simpler - Uproot the burden of paying numerous moneylenders - we will help you to pay out your current debts, so you have only one advance with one altered reimbursement every month. With us, you can apply for a loan online at any time. 

What you'll get with a GE Money debt consolidation loan:

  • An altered loan fee – One advance, one consistent reimbursement
  • Altered reimbursements for the life of the advance
  • Help with paying out your debts
  • You could put an end date on your debts with a GE Money personal loan
  • Keeping focused on our funds

Once you've combined your debt and picked an arrangement to pay it off, GE Money also offers you some assistance with keeping everything under control.

Set a financial plan for yourself to keep your finances under control.

GE Money provides customers with a handy and easy to use budget tool. It can require some investment to work out an appropriate spending plan, yet it will be certainly justified regardless of the exertion. This activity will give you a more precise diagram of the amount you're spending every month, furthermore offer you some assistance with differentiating between the things you require versus things you need.

When you have to trim your financial plan, cut back on the "needs" first. Don’t be excessively prohibitive; incorporate some recompense for spending on excitement and get-togethers so you can still enjoy the good things in life.

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PO Box 4058, Shortland Street, Auckland, 1140, New Zealand

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