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GE Capital

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About – GE Capital

At GE Capital, we provide more than financing.

We use our market and business insight, specialist knowledge and professional expertise to make each and every business loan perfect for the customer. We take into account the specific needs and requirements of each client. We base our service on partnership and mutual cooperation.

We build long-term relationships

We are part of GE, an international infrastructure and financial services corporation, and we follow its best traditions. Currently, GE is the sixth largest brand in the world. We are proud to be part of a leading company and to bring global expertise to our New Zealand customers. We work with more than 5,000 clients nationwide. We assist them fully with establishing and growing their ventures and with overcoming challenges.

Services – GE Capital

Our philosophy is simple. At GE Capital, we know that each business is unique.

That is why we offer tailor-made financial solutions. We will look into your financial performance and needs and use our market knowledge and insight to come up with the best deal. We are highly flexible and this enables us to cater to the needs of companies of different sizes and industries.

With us, your company can achieve higher sales and profit

We are experts in what we do and this enables us to understand fully the challenges that your business has to overcome. We can step into your shoes to come up with the exact financial tool that you would want to use for achieving your business goals. We can help your business to accomplish more in every respect with our flexible business cash loans

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Summary of Services

  • PERSONAL Loans 
  • DEBT Consolidation
  • CAR Loans 
  • PERSONAL Loan Insurance
  • CREDIT Card Insurance

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GE Capital can give you the finance to help you grow your company

GE Capital in Auckland New Zealand offers business loans to those wanting to succeed. We assist new and existing businesses to reach their full potential by offering business finance structures to suit all companies.

Advances for new or used equipment

When you require new or utilized equipment for your business, we go well beyond the call of duty to alter a financing solution for your business so you acquire the right hardware, software, furniture and anything else needed when you require it the most.

We have a fully equipped and experienced team to assist you!

We invite enquiries from all organizations, whatever your size, industry or business need. Get in touch with us and be one of the success stories we are proud of. We have thousands of clients who have started from scratch and now have thriving businesses.

What we offer our valued customers

GE Capital is a pioneer in equipment and asset financing to New Zealand business owners and we offer resource based fund solutions to suit any size or industry of business requirements.

How does our finance structure work?

In case you're a business hoping to expand and grow, we can offer you some assistance with acquiring crucial business resources whilst safeguarding the money and liquidity you have to keep your business running easily.

Advantages of partnering with GE Capital Financing your assets with GE Capital gives your business access to various advantages.

You get flexible finance options allowing you to build your business whilst still having money in the bank after your repayment date. We offer fixed or variable rate options. Our terms are easy to afford and structured around your ability to pay back. You get security against all your personal assets.

We understand that any business will have its ups and downs; your business overdraft will be in place to assist you when you need it. Think of us as your backup when times are looking a little slim.

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10 Pacific Rise, Mount Wellington, Auckland Region, 1060, New Zealand
Ph: +64 9-353 6700 / 0800 500 505
Fx: (04) 570 0303
Em: simon.bell@ge.com
Em: michael.erskine@ge.com

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