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My New Zealand Payday

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About – My New Zealand Payday

My New Zealand Payday started out as a Canadian lending company - My Canadian Payday.

As all ambitious and successful companies, we wanted to expand and explore foreign markets. Therefore, as a result, we have earned a tried and trusted name in the lending industry.

We respect your values

At My New Zealand Payday, we understand the financial limitations we all face from time to time.  This is why we have taken the necessary steps to create a system that provides you with financial backing and allows you to have peace of mind when you are in need of additional funds before payday. We value each and every client that we assist and are always ready to assist you when you need it most.

We put our customers first

At My New Zealand Payday, we believe in putting our customers first. We do everything in our power to remove the unnecessary stress that comes along with applying for a short-term loan. Applying for a loan should be hassle-free, reliable and fast. Our aim is to be there for our clients when they need us and our experienced customer service providers will be on standby to assist you with any queries you might have.

Services – My New Zealand Payday

At My New Zealand Payday, we aim to provide the most affordable payday loan services.

On top of our friendly customer service, we also believe that we need to offer our clients the best possible lending services when it comes to absolutely everything – starting with interest rates.

Great interest rates make loans affordable

At My New Zealand Payday, we offer competitive interest rates as our aim is to have our clients in better financial positions. Beyond that, we are flexible when it comes to scheduling payments. We are open to negotiations regarding repayment times. If you would require additional time to repay your short-term loan, we will gladly give you an extension to repay your loan in a time period that suits you.

Fast loan approval times

Waiting to find out if your online loan application has been approved or if you need to find some other source of financing, should not take any time at all. Therefore, we will not make you wait for any longer than you need to. We will ensure that the assessment of your loan application takes as little time as possible.

With My New Zealand Payday, we guarantee that you will get the best and most efficient service.

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Summary of Services

  • PAYDAY Loans
  • FAST Loans
  • SHORT-TERM Loans

Get a fast, safe and affordable loan today

My New Zealand Payday might have the word “payday” in their name but they have so much more to offer than average quick cash loans.

At My New Zealand Payday, our loan terms are negotiable and there is no requirement for your loan to be repaid by your next payday if you would like to take a different path of repayment. We ensure that we offer you various options to suit your requirements.

Get up to $800

At My New Zealand Payday, you can easily apply for a short-term loan of up to $800, which you can be repaid in a short but pre-determined time that suits you. Of course, if you would like to, you can repay the loan when you receive your next paycheck. You can be assured that your loan will come at a very reasonable interest rate that and that you can easily apply online for your convenience. My New Zealand Payday is a great choice for a lender if you are looking for a short-term loan that you can repay in a negotiable time period. 

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