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About – Gem Finance

Gem Finance of New Zealand makes getting a personal loan a good experience.

No matter what your loan needs may be, you are sure to find the right kind of loan offered from our financial experts at Gem Finance. When it comes to getting your finances on track, and you need a little boost in your bank account, Gem Finance has the best loan options for your needs.

We are well established with a solid reputation

Gem Finance in New Zealand and Australia is not new in the industry. With over 2.5 million valued clients getting financial assistance and payday loan services from us, we hold a clientele of some of the country’s most established and recognisable businesses and retailers in the market.

We will help you get the finance you need

Gem Finance in New Zealand forms part of Latitude Financial Services, with the accreditation to ensure your loan needs are met with integrity and discretion. When you need to grow your business, take a long deserved holiday or, even fix your car, we have the quick loan solution to help you get there.

Your trusted financial partner

Gem Finance offers you a range of personal loan products to suit every need. We form relationships with our clients, helping you grow financially, get out of debt and expand the pleasures of your life. All our clients get the personal attention they deserve. We hope to assist you with your short-term loan needs whatever they may be.

We have grown from earlier times when we introduced Gem Visa, into a full flourished lending firm. As we grow, our portfolio and services grow with us. Be part of the Gem Finance family, and get the personal finance you deserve.

Services – Gem Finance

Gem Finance in New Zealand offers financial assistance and personal micro-loans to help you in any situation.

Whether it is to consolidate your debt, pay off your home or to use in your personal capacity such as a holiday, Gem Finance can make it happen. We also offer a versatile range of insurance options, credit cards and retail finance for your specific needs. There is no reason to stress about overdue accounts, the build-up of debts or dreaming of a holiday you may never take. We have the expertise to get you that cash you need.

Some of our loan services include:

  • Debt consolidation loans
    Instead of paying off a multitude of instalments every month, consolidate all your little debts into one. This will make for easy planning and budgeting as well as getting rid of your debt with one simple and reduced monthly instalment.
  • Personal loans
    When those unexpected bills creep up on you and you haven’t got that extra quick cash to pay for them, we have a 10 minute application solution to help you. Pay those doctor bills, renovations to your leaking roof or anything else that crops up without warning that requires financial means.
  • Car loans
    Your car can be a costly item, especially when it’s over it’s due by date. We can help you update the wheels you are driving with our fantastic car loan options. Our car loans are easy to apply for and no security needed.
  • Home improvements loans
    Your home is unpredictable. Continuous maintenance may be needed in most circumstances. Maybe you have an old home which needs upgrading and improvements. We can assist you with easy personal finance and affordable terms to create the home you have always wanted.

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Summary of Services

  • CREDIT Cards
  • PERSONAL Loans
  • SHORT-TERM Loans

Here’s a short video about Gem Finance

At Gem finance we make it easy to get a personal loan, fast

Our loan processes are simple, quick and accommodating to any budget.

No matter what you need the cash for; we can make getting a personal micro-loan faster and more affordable than ever before. All of our loans take no more than 1o minutes of your time, and they are all done and processed online. This saves you time and allows you to access cash wherever you are.

Tools available for you - the customer

Let us do all the work for you, while you determine the terms of the loan which you can comfortably afford. We provide our clients with an online calculator for all our loan options, enabling you to work out how much you need to lend, and how much it will cost you each month.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • There is a $240 establishment fee on our loan products
  • You can pay more back on your loan at a $10 early repayment fee on full payment of your loan

A simple online application for a loan

The loan application is as easy as clicking on our loan prompt! Follow the online process which takes only minutes and, get approved for the amount of cash you need. Our terms are fixed, so you will know exactly what to budget for every month. No hidden fees and surprises along the way!

When it comes to paying off your loan, you get to choose which period suits you best. We accept weekly, fortnightly and monthly payments on your loan. You can choose the option which best suits your financial situation and your budget.

How can you use your loan?

Do those home improvements, go on a long overdue holiday, pay off those bills or drive off in a new car. The resources are all here to help you achieve your needs and dreams. Should you have any queries feel free to contact us. Gem Finance is here to help you get back on track with your finances and add a little financial freedom to your life.

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